Defending Water for Life
Learn about Alliance efforts to keep water resources in the public trust, and read about the history of the struggle to keep "Water for People and Nature" in the U.S. and around the world. This national campaign supports state-level work to protect water, including developing local resolutions against corporate personhood.

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Digby Neck and the TPP
AfD Defending Water for Life chair Ruth Caplan details a trip to Digby Neck, NS. A mining company, Bilcon, thwarted in an attempt to open a quarry, took advantage of NAFTA's investor state dispute procedure to sue and is seeking $300 million in damages from Canada. Read more here.

Linking Maine's woods to global trade

An article by Defending Water for Life organizer Chris Buchanan links the corporate push for global free trade to the regional push for the East/West Corridor, and emphasizes the need for communities to be legally able to protect local livelihoods and ecosystems. Read it here.

Defending Water demands Anacortes City Council vote to terminate Tethys Water contract
Sandra Spargo, who has organized the local campaign against the Tethys water agreement as part of our Defending Water for Life campaign, has written this letter to the Anacortes WA City Council asking to formally terminate the agreement. More here.

Tethys backs out!
Tethys Enterprises has given up efforts to build a massive water bottling plan in Anacortes. Kudos to Sandra Spargo for years of diligent watchdogging and organizing through Defending Water in the Skagit River Basin. More

Earth Democracy returns to Madison
The conference announcement is here, and videos of many sessions are online here.

What kind of jobs do rural communities want?
Maine's environmental movement reinvents itself in an era of globalization and extraction, notes a Portland ME Phoenix article, with kudos to Defending Water in Maine Organizer Chris Buchanan. Details and link to article here.

Populist Dialogues focuses on water exports in Oregon
What are the latest plans for Cascade Locks, coal terminals, LNG pipelines, and fracking in Oregon?  David Delk talks with Bethany Cotton of Greenpeace and FLOW, and Julia DeGraw of Food and Water Watch. Video and details here.

No Keystone XL Pipeline. Campaign coordinator Ruth Caplan testified at a State Department hearing in DC. Read more here.

Four out of five "Human Right to Water" bills are law! Read a thank you to Californian supporters here.

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Water is about life itself. But for giant corporations like Vivendi, Suez, Perrier/Nestlé and Bechtel, water is about profits. Around the world, local communities are fighting the devastating impacts of corporations and entrepreneurs coming into communities to make a profit. It is the "Blue Gold" rush.

The Blue Gold seekers treat water as a commodity rather than a fundamental human right which should be protected as a public trust. The threat comes in three forms:

·  Municipal water/sewer systems. Here in the United States communities have fought to keep municipal water under public control in Lawrence MA, Stockton CA, New Orleans LA, Indianapolis IN and many other communities. Privatization is touted as a way to control costs in times of tight city budgets, but it leads to higher rates, poorer service, and the loss of good-paying jobs. Privatization is a global problem, too. In South Africa, communities are fighting the installation of pre-paid water meters.

·  Bottled Water.  In other communities, the fight is against corporate take-over of local springs and over-pumping of groundwater or municipal water in order to keep fueling the demand for bottled water. Soft-drink companies have sold the public on single-use plastic bottles on the premise that municipal water is of poor quality, but consumers are catching on, and beginning to refuse to pay to drink a beverage than costs up to 1000 times more than it does from the tap. But corporations will fight for the profits they used to count on when they paid little if nothing for the water they pump from Mother Nature.

·  Bulk water. High-flying entrepreneurs have proposed withdrawing water from aquifers and wild rivers so they can profit by transporting it to water-hungry cities. The Alliance for Democracy is working with communities and linking with other organizations to stop these corporate takeovers.

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Nancy Price on "A Growing Concern"

The Portland Chapter's Water Spot show updates viewers on the situation at the Hanford nuclear site

The Story of Bottled Water