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Justice Rising
Grassroots Solutions to Corporate Power

The Fall 2016 issue of Justice Rising is a great study guide for local groups to use to learn about the need for hand-counted paper ballots, as well as other ways our election system and our democracy must be strengthened and protected.

flag arrowYou can use this issue, and the articles below, for local organizing and outreach on a variety of election issues.
We also urge you to join with our People's Vote Must Count campaign, and build a local coalition of voters and issue-oriented groups to work for hand-counted paper ballots.

Below are links to downloadable, printable 1-page .pdfs of each article in the issue. Print out what you need for outreach, or contact the Alliance office via email or phone at 978-333-7971 to learn how you can get printed copies of the full 20-page issue.

Justice Rising is the Alliance for Democracy's thematic publication. Each edition looks at a single timely problem through the perspective of grassroots resistance to corporate rule. Past issues have focused on trade, health care, money in politics, and other timely topics. See this page to see topics covered and download whole issues or individual articles.

Read and download articles on...
hand counted paper
                              ballotsElection Protection

War On the Dispossessed, by Robert J. Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman

Exit Poll Election Forensics, by Jonathan Simon

How Californians Saved the Paper Ballot, by Mimi Kennedy

Hand Counting Paper Ballots for Accurate Election Results, by Virginia Martin

E-Voting's Corporate Pedigree, by Bev Harris

Impossible: Secure Computer Votecounting, by Ethan Scarl

Silence of the Lambs: Media Coverage of Election Integrity, by Jonathan Simon

                              rightsare human rightsVoting Rights
are Human Rights

Congress Members and Activists Fight Voter Suppression, by Victoria Collier and Ben Ptashnick

Suppressing the 99%, by Marta Steele

Voter Apartheid: ALEC's Laws Against Poor, Non-White America, by Lisa Graves

Civil Rights: Deliberate Disenfranchisement of Communities of Color, by Dr. Reverend Rodney Sadler

Photo IDS = False Security, by Jan BenDor

Voting Distortion, by Beth Clarkson

gerrymanderThe Harms Already Done

Gerrymandering: The Civil War Over Public Policy, by Jim Tarbell

Failed Election Administration, by Marta Steele

lets have a real
                              electionUnfixing the System

The Peoples Vote Must Count, editorial

The Peoples Vote Must Count campaign

Principles of Election Reform

Groups to Connect With and Books to Read

Why You Should Care, What You Should Do

Issue Dedication: Ronnie Dugger

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Audio and Video

Jonathan Simon discusses electronic voting on "Populist Dialogues"

Jonathan Simon is a guest on "Corporations and Democracy" radio

Discussion of a Brennan Center report on unreliable and obsolete electronic voting equipment

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